Thursday, November 18, 2010

Our New Addition

No, no babies yet. Instead we got another puppy! A family Jared met was giving away daschunds for free and he knows how much I love them so he brought one home one day! We had been talking about getting Bernsie a friend but weren't sure when we would get another dog. This seemed like a good opportunity, so now we have Bernsie and Lady Belle. Belle looks like a cow so that's how we came up with her name. We weren't really sure if she was a pure pred or not because of her color, but I investigated it a little and she is just a rare color of daschund. Why these people were giving her away I have no idea, they could have sold her for lots of money! We love her and she fits well into our new little family. My dogs are like my kids since we don't have any yet. So while others are talking about their kids, we talk about our dogs. They truly are amazing creations and we love having them around :) I have to upload pictures from my phone to show you guys pictures and it's taking forever. I will post those as soon as they come through.

We're Still Alive!

Sorry it's been such a long time since I've posted something on here. I don't really have a camera right now (the one I have has been having problems with the SD card and the battery dies so fast) so I haven't been taking as many pictures. These pictures are from my phone so they aren't going to be the greatest quality. We haven't been doing much, mostly working, but we have taken a couple of trips over the past few months. In July we went and visited my Grandma in Kanab and saw the broadway musical Tarzan in St. George. We were both impressed and love going to see plays at that theater I always forget how to spell - Tuacahn. Luckily it is in the picture above so I rememered now :) It was nice to see family as well. We took a weekend break in August and went to LA to see a WWE Wrestling Event and had a blast! We went surfing and stayed with some friends from my mission. We were treated like royalty and it was hard to leave!