Friday, April 23, 2010

Moving Anyone?

So life has been a little crazy lately. So I moved into our new place only to move out of it 2 days later because the previous tenants had cats. I am VERY allergic to cats and I noticed the place smelled a little funny when I got there but wasn't sure if it was coming from outside since all of the windows were open and the fans were going. I asked if the last tenant had cats and they said no (big lie). Later when my friends came to help they commented on it and said I shouldn't even move my stuff in, but being hopeful that it would go away I still did and then by 12 the next day I had to leave because I couldn't see out of one eye and the other one was starting to act up and I could hardly breathe. So I moved out and actually found a better place that's bigger and better for about the same price! So things happen for a reason and I'm hoping Jared will actually be down here next week when we get to move in :) Needless to say it's been a little crazy and already this year I've had to move my stuff 3 times. Luckily I haven't unpacked yet so it's been a little easier. I am ready to be able to settle down in a place and not move for a long time! I'm very lucky to have friends who help me out and don't bail on me when problems come up. :)