Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Loving it!

We moved into our new place last weekend and Jared is now down here(for good!) and life is going great :) I didn't realize how much not being with him affected me because I am loving every minute that I'm with him and loving him more and more every day. His mom drove down with him and spent a few days with us helping us get some stuff that we needed for the condo which was really nice. Bernsie has also seemed to miss Jared because we fight over who gets to sit closer to him. He ultimately wins because he is a small weenie dog and practically sits on his We have fun chasing bernsie around the condo and taking him on walks. He doesn't normally like walks but he is starting to like them now since he gets to chase the ducks and geese that hang around the lake that's just outside our place. It's fun to be where we're at and we hope our friends and family will come visit us now that we have a place!