Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Apartment Search!

So life is a little simple right now since Jared is still in Canada working. Work, eat, take care of Bernsie, and sleep. That pattern doesn't get disrupted too much. About once a week I spend some time with my good friends Travis and Tara. Other than that, until I start my online classes from BYU I try to keep myself entertained by finding shows on TV to watch. We are in the process of finally getting our own apartment so when Jared comes down we have a place to be :) Please keep us in your prayers that we will get approved to a nice place (one that isn't so scary)!


Tony and Traci said...

I'm sure you guys will get some place nice. You guys know the areas pretty well. Good luck! Love ya!

BethanySines photography said...

oh my gosh are you guys apart? wow!! i don't know how you do it. i would die. i'm so impressed. love you!!