Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sad Cloud Over Phoenix Today

Ok it's actually really really sunny and warm...but this morning I had to take Jared to the airport so he could go back to Canada to work again. Not fun! He was here for a week with his cousin, Rhett, and Rhett's gf Mandy for the most anticipated Wrestlemania! We all had a great time and are also sad that it's over. I'm not sure when Jared will be able to come back again, but we are hoping soon, and for good! I don't have any pictures for the moment since my computer has been broken and I'm at work so I can't put any pictures up. But I will do that soon since my computer is now working!


JuStak said...

Oh Wow, this must be so hard!
Being apart is truly not fun!
Why don't you move to Canada
So you guys would be closer =)

Tony and Traci said...

:( That is a sad day. I know how you feel in some regards. I hope you can get things figured out soon.

Becca said...

No fun! I wish he could just stay! Silly imigration...isnt Canada just a state anyway ;) totally joking!

Aubreydoll said...

That stinks! I really hope he can come back for good soon, too! But I am really excited to see pictures!